clean up and repair after summer storms

Summer storms can be hard on a home. So, what do you do if your home is damaged by one of these summer storms? Click here for tips.

Waterproofing Tips To Keep Water Out Of Your Attic

23 October 2020
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There are a few places in your home where you do not want water, and the attic is one of them. But other than ensuring your shingles are in good shape, how can you keep water out of the attic? Actually, there are a few simple steps you can take. Caulk around your roofing vents. One of the common places for water to leak into the attic is around the edges of roofing vents. Read More …

Insight To Clean Up And Restore Your Home From Water Damage

21 August 2020
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Water damage inside your home is a real threat and can occur from excessive rainfall, outside flooding, or broken sewer and water lines inside your home. Here are some tips to help you arrange for the clean up of a water damage situation inside your home. Repair the Leak One of the first steps you will need to handle once you stop your first stressed out reaction is to handle the source of the water that is damaging your home. Read More …

Water Damage Restoration And The Structural Problems After A Flood That Could Affect Your Home

26 December 2019
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If your home has recently been damaged due to flooding, you are now concentrating on cleaning up the mess. Once you have most of the water and debris out of your home, it is time to start looking at the repairs that need to be done and materials that need to be replaced. One thing that you do not want to overlook when doing restorations is the possibility that flooding has caused structural damage. Read More …

Why You Want To Consider Having The Crawl Space Under Your Home Waterproofed

27 March 2019
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If you have a home that has a crawl space under it, you might want to consider hiring a professional damage contractor to waterproof it. If you have never had a crawl space waterproofed, and therefore are not familiar with the reasons why this would be the optimal thing to do, you will want to spend a little time reviewing the following information. You Can Keep More Pests Out Of Your Home Read More …

4 Affordable Home Improvements That Will Protect Your Foundation And Your Home From Water Damage

21 September 2018
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The foundation of your home is vulnerable to damage from many different causes. Foundation damage can also lead to water damage and mold in your home, which you want to prevent. There are several simple home improvements that will help protect your home from foundation damage and water problems. Here are some of these affordable home improvements to protect your foundation and home from water damage: 1. Watershed Improvements to Landscaping That Protect Your Foundation Read More …

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clean up and repair after summer storms

Summer storms can be hard on a home. Roofing, siding, windows and basements can all quickly get damaged by a single powerful storm that blows through town. So, what do you do if your home is damaged by one of these summer storms? I created this blog after going through the clean up and repair process twice in a single summer. I have learned a lot about what to do before the damage repair contractors arrive to help minimize the damage that the home sustains. I hope that you find these tips as helpful as I have during the stressful time of clean up and repair.